With 500Mbps from as little as €345 per month and Business Internet Leased lines starting at €110 per month, price can be compelling when compared to fibre.

As important, is simply availability.  Even with the National Broadband Plan, there are large swathes of the country where physical fibre is not an option.  Add to this fast availability (circuits have been known to be installed on the same day as order) and there you have it… compelling value for money and near instant gratification!

With installations having been completed on the same day as order in the past, you can rest assured that your service will be professionally installed within days of order.  You simply need to be ready for us!

Up to 10Gbps circuits are available and bandwidth options can be varied over time. So, if you start ,say with 100Mbps, and need to double it then so be it. Simple remote configuration change and pro-rata billing
All circuits come with a 99.95% Service Level Agreement which Netmore has a track record of surpassing. Unlike fibre circuits, there is no danger of a digger cutting through the duct (also makes wireless a perfect back up circuit option) and no shared trunking to be concerned about. Carrier grade equipment employed by Netmore is the same technology used by mobile phone carriers to build out their backbone networks and is renowned for long term reliability
The manufacturers employ proprietary communications algorithms that are impossible to crack. Moreover, you would need to effectively block the communications path in order to simply try to disseminate signals, which in turn would send alarm signals ringing. With fibre on the other hand, it is possible to tap into the physical cable and copy data crossing it without the owner ever knowing. A threat made worse by virtue of shared fibre infrastructure across operators. IMPORTANT: NEVER assume that your data is secure end to end. With the increased use cloud-based solutions, physical security cannot be assured. So always review your security requirements (Netmore Ireland is well placed to assist you with security and encryption solutions).
With a 4+ MOS score (Mean Opinion Score for VOIP) and sub 5msecs Round Trip Delay, Netmore circuits are perfect for VOIP, Video and other latency sensitive applications. Interestingly, Netmore Ireland is a preferred supplier for many of Ireland’s finest voice/telephone service providers.
Forget about “Next day, we will try to do better..” Netmore circuits operate to 99.95% SLA with a 4-business hour commitment to fix.
No! You get all that you pay for all of the time. Unlike other providers, Netmore will not put your performance at risk depending upon the whims of others.
Yes! Your upload speed is the same as your download speed so you will get optimal performance when operating in the cloud, supporting Voice/Video, uploading data files, etc. Don’t be fooled by marketing BS labelling services a “synchronous”. This means something completely different and, in this context, is meaningless!
Yes! Moreover, your network solution can be designed and presented as single homogenous solution with a single point of responsibility for service delivery – Netmore!

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