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We provide LoRaWAN to Irish IoT and utility projects

Netmore provides nation-wide LoRaWANconnectivity in Ireland and other countries. Our European network is growing, and we currently support hundreds of projects (link) with reliable LoRaWAN.

Our carrier grade network (24/7 monitoring) is purpose-built to onboard millions of devices. On top of indoor and outdoor connectivity, we also provide an easy-to-use platform with advanced features to manage and control the devices and the network.


Get increased availability, visibility and coverage on-demand for your application

Our LoRaWAN portal provides full network visibility, real-time device dashbboard/map and both measures and simulated coverage. As an operator, we provide on-demand coverage in places that may not be covered at the time.

Predictive and affordable model which enables higher long term profitability

We offer an all-inclusive price model to enable 100% predictable cost of connectivity. Transparent volume discount automatically implemented as the number of connected devices grows. Free trial available on request.

Faster go-to-market for your application with our rollout program

We enable quick and easy go-to-market for IoT solutions based on devices that rely on LoRaWAN connectivity. This is made possible trough both full API and a portal with plug-and-play connection of devices with mass onboarding functionality combined with pay-on-activation subscription model.

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